The Diary of Egg O- Jan 7th

Another day of unremitting boredom.I am staging a protest. Not that any one has noticed. You’d think  I wasn’t important.  I have spent the entire day sulking beneath my horrid prison blanket while Spud whistles cheerfully and plucks at the few strings on his ukulele. Nothing seems to depress him.

Doll Splinter has informed the rabbits that she is busy until Friday evening! What can she be doing? Doesn’t she know that my trial is imminent?

It’s a bit hot under this blanket actually. I am boiling and fuming which is not good for me. I wonder why Spud’s family haven’t come. Perhaps they don’t exist!

I am surrounded by liars and rabbits!

And there hasn’t been a photograph of me for days.

Fans, how are you coping?

Until tomorrow,

Pasta la vista!





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