The Diary of Egg O- Jan 8th

I am almost too tired to write in my diary. I peeped out from beneath the ghastly blanket this morning and there was Spud, staring eagerly at me, his eyes goggling like mad. 

“Are you coming out Egg O?”  he said, “So that we can plan our escape?”

“I am not” I replied haughtily. “It is warm in here and also-” and  I looked meaningfully at the ukulele, “muffled”.

Spud thought for a while and then said brightly:”Well what about tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow may be different” I said, “but today I am downcast and you are annoyingly upbeat.”

“I will sing you a song,” he said, ‘” to cheer you up”, and before I could stop him he was off.

Twingle twangle plinkety plink ping went his instrument and then he began to sing.

I thought the ukulele was the worst noise I had ever heard. I was wrong.

His singing voice was so awful that even the rabbits had to cover their ears.

Somehow I must destroy the hideous instrument and so, from beneath my blanket I watch and I wait… 

Saute, fans!






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