The Diary of Egg O-Jan 9th


I am outraged.


Doll Splinter has sent me some photographs, which the mean rabbit warders allowed me to look at. She has been back to that house! I am sure she intends to live there and all I can say is- what about me? Does nobody care?

It seems she was there on Christmas Day and they, the Lizzie-Someone or Others , left her a present. I ask you! I myself sent them a card, a painting of my fabulous self, and yet there was NOTHING for me.

P1010903They bought her a hat! She looks quite ridiculous, don’t you agree?

P1010894They hung stockings over the mantlepiece! A fire hazard! Have they no sense?

There was a Christmas breakfast as well and all I can say about that, as I sit here contemplating my frugal prison food, is thank goodness the table was graced by my adorable Christmas card. I only hope they appreciated it.


P1010899Well Au Dauphinoise fans, I will write again tomorrow.

In case you are wondering about the house to which Egg O refers it features in the posts Moving Swiftly On, The Letter and The Book, where Doll Splinter, in the search for a home, explores a dolls house.

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