The Diary of Egg O- Rabbit Notes


Notes on Prisoner 01 by The Rabbits

  • Name– Egg O
  • Crime– Speeding in a Slipper Car, resulting in the injury of a Panda pedestrian
  • Height– 9 centimetres exactly
  • Girth– Entirely oval
  • Weight– Refused to get on scales
  • Occupation– Singing, tap dancing, sitting on his High Horse.
  • Attitude– Too big for his boots
  • Language– Pompous
  • Status– Awaiting trial


Additional Remarks

Has not settled in. Whispers in corners and sulks. Complains at every opportunity. Has formed an unlikely alliance with Prisoner 02 Spud Bravas although they appear to have fallen out recently. It is thought he might be plotting something. We are watching him closely although this is not always easy as he spends a lot of time under his blanket, muttering. All in all, a thoroughly bad egg.




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