The Diary of Egg O- Rabbit Notes

P1010930Mug Shot of Prisoner 02

  • Name-Spud Bravas
  • Crime– Disorderly behaviour including unspecified underground activities
  • Height– 12 centimetres
  • Weight–  62g
  • Girth- Lumpy and tuberous
  • Occupation– He’s useless
  • Attitude– Optimistic
  • Language– Native language Spanish but speaks English well

Additional Notes

Status– Settled in instantly. Whistles and sings. Enjoys playing his ukulele and Pan Pipes. He says he has a charming wife, Pilar, and two children who are: (quote)- “chips off the old block”. They have not visited him yet but he is ever hopeful. Originally from Peru. Is easily influenced and  full of admiration for one of our more troublesome inmates, Prisoner 01. Has been rather subdued of late. Currently awaiting sentence. All in all usually chipper and not at all starchy.


Prisoner 02-who has been a little subdued of late.

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